Get to know us

woodson® is an innovative brand offering products for the home, garden, and outdoor enthusiast. It all started with a firestarter at woodson®. We have created a firestarter that ignites fires faster, easier and does not contain harmful substances, and is a 100% natural. Our firestarter is just the beginning. We constantly develop our offering by introducing new products. We are accompanied by the character of Woodson - our brand hero, who symbolizes values such as passion, care, commitment.

The magic of fire with woodson®

Do you remember your childhood? The first sight of fire? In our minds this memory is still strong. Fire doesn’t cease to fascinate us. In the age of computers, new technologies and fast pace of life, fire remains to be something beautiful, authentic and timeless. That's why our flagship products are inseparable from it and that’s why we love spending time outdoors, at barbecue or going camping.

Pure nature

It’s important for us to care for the environment and your health. That is why we use only wood from legal sources in our products. Also, instead of harmful substances, we use just natural ones. Thanks to this woodson® firestarter is a real alternative on the fire lighter market. When you reach for what is good for the environment, you choose what is good for you.

Quality of life

The time we spend with others is the most valuable. Therefore, our products serve it’s celebration. woodson® introduces a new quality to what you love to do – providing you with a better way to start a fire and a log candle to create atmosphere. Invite your relatives or friends, feel the vibe, taste great food made on fire and savor the moment.

Outdoor adventure

Being close to nature makes you feel freedom and independence. It is something we miss, when living in cities. When you’re out there and have to rely only on yourself, woodson® comes with help. Survival version of our firestarter can light a fire in almost all conditions and the swedish fire torch can replace the stove. These products are your ultimate companions for outdoor and off-road expeditions. When nature calls you, do not wait, pack your backpack and go for an adventure!

For cosy evenings

When the cycle of nature makes us gather at homes, the fire in the fireplace takes on a new meaning. It introduces warmth and atmosphere during autumn and winter evenings. woodson allows you to get it even faster, by lighting fire in a convenient way. And our log candle can serve as an excellent fuel for the fireplace. It is only at home, that you can feel real warmth.

Made in Poland

Invented and manufactured in Poland. We are proud that woodson® products gain renown in Poland and around the world. High quality, functionality and continuous development allow us to constantly cross new borders. As a result, more and more people can get to know the benefits of using our products.

Human-friendly Co.

There is only one reason for our company’s existence: YOU. As a team of young, ambitious and energetic people, each day we strive to provide you with maximum value from our products. So you could light fire easier, grill in a natural way, spend your free time in a great atmosphere, and live life as one, big, exciting adventure.