Decorative mirror wood slice

Unique wall decoration

Beautiful and handcrafted and unique. This decoration is made from pieces of wood (without varnishing) combined with a mirror. The mirror is intentionally placed on the sides of the slice which gives the product it’s uniqueness. The slices are not only part of the wall decoration but you can also look at yourself in them. They are hand-made with attention to detail. They look really great!

The decoration is primarily intended for indoor use.

Technical informations:

Type of wood: oak / ash

Weight: 1.2 kg

Slice diameter: approx. 20-24 cm

Slice thickness: approx. 4 cm

Mirror: thickness: 4mm, format fi 15 cm (fi 150 mm), material: Plexiglas PMMA. It has a protective foil – which should be removed after receiving the product

Wall bracket on the back: W 3.5 cm x H 2.2 cm