Is woodson® firestarter 100% eco?

Yes, our firestarter is entirely made from ecological materials: recycled cardboard, wood waste, sawdust and vegetable stearin (ecological substance used in production of candles). That makes woodson® firestarter a 100% eco product.

How long it takes to light a barbecue fire with your firestarter?

Very fast. For real! It’s just a matter of 5 minutes. You only need to place woodson® firestarter on the barbecue ground, surround it with charcoal or briquette, throw inside an ignited match from above, wait 5 minutes and it’s done!

For how long does the log candle burn?

woodson® log candle burns for approximately 1,5 to 2 hours, providing you with a nice ambient light. For longer garden parties we recommend using a few log candles.

What is the swedish fire for?

Swedish fire torch is an outdoor oven. The log is in itself an oven and its fuel. You just need to light the wick and put a camping dish on the log to boil water or heat up some food. woodson® swedish fire is perfect for spending time at the lake, beach, river, lot or at camping and off-road trips.

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