05 / 28 / 2021

New WOODSON kindling 2021

Are you a barbecue enthusiast and looking for the perfect kindling? We have great news for you for the 2021 grilling season! From now on, every fire will be easier to light and time spent together with your loved ones will be more enjoyable.

Environmentally friendly, extremely efficient and effective lighter. It’s safe and easy to use and extremely light and wind resistant! Thanks to the use of special “bristles” made of wood it burns very well (one spark is enough for ignition).
Composition: wood “bristles”, highest quality hydrotreated paraffin (which meets very strict purity standards), natural food coloring.
Package: weight 0.1 kg or 0.25 kg


Woodson’s ready-to-use grill insert is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the convenience and speed of lighting a fire. You don’t need additional briquettes or firelighters – you get a ready-made set with which you can quickly and easily light a barbecue or bonfire. And all this without getting your hands dirty!
Ingredients: wood briquettes / charcoal, patented Woodson firestarter® (100% eco), cardboard packaging.
Packaging: weight 0,8 kg (Eko-ognisko + briquette / charcoal)

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