Pure Fire

New for the 2021 BBQ season

An environmentally friendly and highly efficient and effective lighter by Woodson. Safe and easy to use, lightweight and windproof! Thanks to the use of special wood “bristles” it burns very well (one spark is enough for ignition). Using the latest kindling is very simple and convenient. Regardless of whether you are using the product as a fire starter for a barbecue in the garden, lighting a bonfire in the nature, or a fireplace or boiler to heat the house.

User manual:

1. Place the product in the area where you want to light a fire.
2. Set fire to the bristles which also ignite from the flint.
3. Wait until the fire is lit and add briquettes or coals.

Technical informations:

Pure Fire is “wood bristles”, the highest quality hydrotreated paraffin (which meets very strict purity standards) and natural food coloring. In our offer you will find two types of packaging:
0,1 kg / 0,25 kg.