Ready grill insert with briquette

New for the 2021 BBQ season

Ready-made grill insert from Woodson
is an excellent choice for all those who appreciate the convenience and speed of lighting a fire. You do not need additional briquettes or firelighters
– You get a ready set, with which you can quickly and easily light a barbecue or bonfire. And all this without getting your hands dirty!

Using Woodson’s newest kindling has never been so quick and easy! Place, light and you’re done!

User manual:

1. Open the grill insert and tear off the top of the carton.
2. Place the product in the place where you want to light a fire – put a lit match with the head down inside the firestarter (from the top).
3. Wait for the fire to start. When the briquette / coal is covered with a layer of ash – it’s ready and you can start grilling.

Technical informations:

Woodson’s ready-made grill insert is made of eco-friendly materials that allow you to start a fire quickly and safely.

The composition includes:
wood briquette and patented Woodson® firestarter (100% eco) and cardboard packaging.