Woodson® firestarter DIY

Be ready to start a fire

woodson® firestarter DIY is a beautiful wooden chest in which you will find items to assemble (DIY) 100 pieces of firestarter. This is the perfect choice for connoisseurs of proven solutions – people and companies that regularly use our kindling.

User manual:

Put firestarter sticks into the holes in the cardboard. Surround it with charcoal, briquette, wood or twigs, throw a lighted match into the firestarter (from the top) and wait few minutes until the fire is burning.

Firing up wood – user manual:

Firing up briquette – user manual:

Technical information:

woodson® firestarter is made from wood waste, recycled cardboard, sawdust and vegetable stearin. Each package contains also a box of matches. In our offer you will find 1-packs, 6-packs and survival edition with one DIY woodson® firestarter.