woodson® Firestarter

Light fires easier, faster, cleaner and safer

A woodson® firestarter is a real alternative to traditional methods, and is revolutionising the fire lighter market. It’s the most ecological firestarter you can buy, devoid of harmful substances, made from 100% wood waste, 100% recycled cardboard, sawdust and vegetable stearin. It’s an extremely simple, effective and unique product. This patented invention provides ease with lighting a barbecue, bonfire or fireplace.

You’ll wonder how you ever coped before discovering woodson® Firelighter.

User manual:

Place the wooden cone upwards on the ground, base of stove or barbecue. Surround with a solid amount of coal, charcoal or wood up to full height. Drop a lighted match head down inside the firelighter. Make sure the cone is not covered at the top. Wait five minutes, add some more fuel, stand back and relax!

Technical information:

A woodson® firestarter is made from wood waste, recycled cardboard, sawdust and vegetable stearin. Each package also contains a box of matches. Our standard Woodson® Firelighters come in packs of six. Our weather proof survival edition comes in single packs.



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