Be ready to start a fire – always and everywhere

woodson® SURVIVAL firestarter is the most practical version of our product. Thanks to a special form of packaging it takes a minimum space in backpack. Can also fit in your pocket. And, when necessary, it’s very easy to assembly. If you enjoy walking, trips into the unknown, off-road trips, survival events or fishing,  woodson® SURVIVAL firestarter is the best solution to light fire anywhere, get warm outdoors or even cook something.

User manual:

Unpack the foil and put firestarter sticks into the holes in the cardboard. Surround it with charcoal, briquette, wood or twigs, throw a lighted match into the firestarter (from the top) and wait few minutes until the fire is burning.instrukcja-survival

Technical information:

woodson® SURVIVAL firestarter is made from pine sticks (wood waste), recycled cardboard, sawdust, vegetable stearin and 5 matches.