woodson® Survival Firestarter

Bądź gotowy rozpalić ogień – zawsze i wszędzie

Be ready to start a fire – always and everywhere. Our woodson® Survival firestarter is the most practical version of our product. Thanks to a special form of packaging it takes up minimum space in your backpack, fits in your pocket and when necessary is very easy to assemble. If you enjoy walking, discovering new places, off-roading, bush craft and survival events or fishing, woodson® Survival firestarters are the best solution for lighting fires anywhere.

User manual:

Unpack the foil and put the firestarter sticks into the holes in the cardboard. Surround it with charcoal, briquette, wood or twigs, throw a lighted match into the firestarter (from the top) and wait a few minutes until the fire is burning.instrukcja-survival

Technical information:

woodson® SURVIVAL firestarter contains pine sticks, recycled cardboard, sawdust, vegetable stearin and 5 matches.

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